Rolph & Rolph

Discover the excellence of our desserts, sweet and savory verrines in a wide range of tastes and flavors!

Rolph & Rolph is the brand for exclusive frozen creations, ready-to-consume. They offer high quality desserts and appetizers. They enjoy reinventing forms and textures and adapt them to their customers requirements. The sweets and savouries answer to the needs of chefs including home-made appearance and natural ingredients. The Rolph & Rolph glasses are trendy and innovative, to be savoured in a magical moment.

Specialist in premium desserts and aperitives

Their desserts, verrines and sweet and savory ready-to-eat jars are created by their pastry chefs in their workshops. Handcrafted, they reinvent shapes, tastes and textures by adapting to the requirements of their customers and consumers. Their products are natural and they are constantly working to simplify their composition so that they are as natural as possible.

Their fresh pastry desserts

Their range of fresh (thawed) pastry desserts is constituted of 3 ranges: the Atelier brand verrines boxes, the range of individual desserts offering a wide choice of flavors (tiramisu, raspberry cheesecake, passion mango, salted butter caramel chocolate) and our glass jars which offer a choice of refined recipes: lemon yuzzu mousse ans coconut crumble, salted caramel and feuillantine chocolate mousse, strawberry lime mousse and almond crumble. Their desserts and verrines are free from added preservatives and alcohol free. They can be stored for 10 to 20 days in the refrigerator at +4°c.

The verrines

Their glass or plastic verrines will delight your guests during a cocktail, a dinner aperitif, and after work. Sweet or savory, our recipes are handcrafted in our workshops by our pastry chefs and cooks. Easy to use, they allow to defrost only the part that will be consumed according to the number of guests. They have no added colorants or preservatives and do not contain alcohol.

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