Black Friday 2021 – BF10

Please find our latest Black Friday 2021 offers provided by our partners Eurogerm and Bear Stewart. These are the best companies to go for Sweet Goods Mixes and Batters.

10% OFF the Creme Cake Mixes: use the Coupon Code BF10

Eurogerm Black Friday 2021 Banner on Chef JP
Bear Stewart Black Friday 2021 Banner

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    Who is Bear Stewart?

    Bear Stewart is a manufacturer of great bakery ingredients since 1899. We are a family owned and operated company that always puts the customer first. We still do business the old fashioned way. Everyone from the President and all the partners are always available to help our customers. We make innovative products that many companies would not produce because smaller usage. We have a full time technical staff to serve all of our customers needs. We are continually working on new products. We ship all over the USA and abroad.

    Bear Stewart Baking Ingredients banner

    We manufacture a broad line of products that include Jams Jellies, Whole Fruit Pie fillings, Specialty Items (Glazes, Stabilizers, Specialty Mixes, Icing Fruits, Etc.) Frozen Muffin and Cookie Batters and Pucks (Natural and many Fat Free), Mixes and Icings.

    Who is Eurogerm USA (formerly Problend)

    Eurogerm USA is a manufacturer of bakery ingredients based in Chicago area. Eurogerm USA is a subsidiary of international bakery and milling ingredient company Eurogerm S.A. based in Dijon, France. Eurogerm S.A. began its journey in 1989 formulating and producing cereal and enzyme based milling ingredients in France.

    The knowledge of wheat and flour analysis combined with excellent know-how of the all the functional ingredients allowed Eurogerm to establish itself in the French milling industry very quickly. Eurogerm later applied the ingredient technology in bakery applications producing and selling functional ingredients such as dough conditioners, shelf-life extenders, and ingredients to enhance application specific attributes such as crustiness, softness, flavor and texture. Eurogerm offers a large selection of baking ingredients such as dough conditioners, shelf life extenders, sensory ingredients, mixes/bases for breads and sweet goods.

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