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Founded by Bubby’s chef Ron Silver, Azuca brings an innovative and sophisticated new approach to cannabis and CBD edibles.

Azuca’s edible CBD products are available on Flourish Deli

Bringing together revolutionary science, plant-powered wellness and culinary inspiration, Azuca’s three-patent-pending method takes wholesome, thoughtfully-sourced ingredients and delivers beneficial CBD and THC in their most precise, pure and delicious form. A breakthrough for medicinal and recreational customers, Azuca products take effect in a groundbreaking 2-15 minutes, while traditional edibles take 1 to 4 hours.
Azuca CBD Edibles
Infused with cannabinoids, Azuca Sugars are precise and reliable—making it simpler than ever to find your personal perfect dose. Ideal for microdosing, these unique sugars can be dosed as low as 1mg of THC, so you’re in complete control of your experience. And all Azuca Edibles are created by a top chef, so their taste and texture will elevate any recipe you want to make or bake.