Simply Bread Ovens at Booth 2571 -IBIE Las Vegas

Visit our vendor Simply Bread ovens at IBIE Booth 2571 from September 18 till September 21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall.

Simply Bread Ovens are made in the USA

At Simply Bread, we know that running your own bakery is hard work. And we’re here to help.

We love to support local businesses that help their families and communities buy producing locally.

That’s why we make our Simply Bread Ovens here in the USA. And each oven comes with expert support from our U.S.-based baking specialists, who can guide you through the process of baking with confidence—whether you’re a novice or an experienced baker.

We want to make sure that when you choose our oven, you’re not just getting a great product — you’re getting the support and advice you need to be successful.

Simply Bread ovens at IBIE Booth 2571

Simply Bread at SIAL America, Las Vegas Chef JP - Pastry and Baking Ingredients for Artisan Bakers - Simply Bread ovens at IBIE Booth 2571

After moving to the U.S. from Belgium, I missed the rustic loaves from my neighborhood bakery. So I dove into making my own sourdough. It was a long road from those first attempts to re-creating the open-crumb artisanal bread of my homeland, but once I perfected my recipe, demand from friends and family grew. Everyone clamored for the simple pleasure of a crusty loaf.

However, baking just four loaves at the time in my kitchen oven was no way to build a business, and I soon learned that pain of wanting to increase output, but not having space or budget for a massive commercial oven.

That’s how Stijn Vanorbeek gave birth to the Simply Bread Baking Oven.

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