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Who’s Brunehaut?

In 1890 the Allard family founded the Brunehaut brewery in Guignies (east of Belgium), called the St. Joseph Brewery. It became known in this region for brewing beers like “La Druide” and “Brunehaut 8°”.
In 1991 the company took on a new challenge and moved to modern buildings while maintaining its traditional process and keep the same most character and quality. Those beers was already qualified as “grand crus” by connoisseurs.

An alliance of Modernity and Tradition!

These are the company’s motto, a real creed for the managers at Brunehaut Brewery.
The traditional Brunehaut Brewery retains the entirely natural brewing method for late fermentation beers and that are refermented in bottles and kegs.

The result: a panel of about a dozen abbey or organic beers, all valuable and unique. To ensure that the link to the region remains strong, the types of barley used in the brewing process are grown in his own farm at Gaurain-Ramecroix.

Modern and high performance machinery ensure scrupulous compliance with hygiene regulations and a top quality production with consistent flavour. The brewery is also modern in how it deal with the market: several beers from Brunehaut won prizes at international competitions and are currently present in 25 different countries.