Sell Online on Food Marketplace – Chef Jean Pierre platform

Sell Online on Food Marketplace on the Chef Jean Pierre Food platform

Selling your Bakery, Pastry and Fine Foods products on Chef JP is easy. Any Food Manufacturing or Processing Business can sell Online on Food Marketplace like our Chef Jean Pierre platform.

Easy and Fast way

On Monday, send us an excel with all your products with a folder of product images. On Wednesday, it will be ready to be sold on If your product is certified Kosher, it will also be available on Kashrut Baking Kosher Ingredients.

We’ll need a list like this to be able to start selling to our 7500+ Artisan Bakers clients all over the USA:

SKU (MPN)EAN / GTINProduct Name / Short DescriptionPriceMOQ

Once we have these informations, we’ll start proposing those products on our Marketplaces. We will also sell them on if you’re willing to.

Sell Online on Food Marketplace with no commitment and fully Performance-based

Once you’re listed, you can ask us to delist your products at any moment.

Our 10% Retail Margin is mandatory and picked up from your Order Amounts after payment. Once the order is placed, you will get 90% of the Order Amount wired to your Company account.

This will feed Amazon, Google Merchant and other Marketplaces

Thanks to our LR Data Science Product Feed API platform, we are able to feed instantly all your products on major Marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Etsy and many more.

We can also translate your Catalog in French and Spanish to extend your reach on the whole North American region.

We will provide help on Paid Ads with the best agencies

We know the full landscape of Digital Marketing agencies in USA, Canada and Europe. We will help you to avoid making mistakes in the contracting part. All our partners are performance-driven. They won’t be making any investment on your behalf if there is no proven ROI.

Chef JP range of Digital Marketing tools

Contact us to Sell Online on Food Marketplace built by us

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    Our Sale Representatives for North America

    Jean Pierre Vasaune
    In House Chef & Baking Ingredients Sourcing
    Phone: (312) 813 7868
    mailto: [email protected]
    Stephan Pire
    Marketplace Manager & Business Development
    Phone: (312) 813 7868
    mailto: [email protected]