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“Liege/Belgium” syrup: date, apple and pear syrup

Our most popular product, the “real Liege syrup”, is well known in Belgium. It is a syrup of dates, apples, and pears. Particularly appreciated on a bread slice, with cheese or cold meats, or in preparation for sauces and desserts, this product will surprise you and seduce your guests.

Sirops Meurens

Syrup making & syrups

Belgium has a long tradition of preserving local fruits (pears and apples) into fruit spreads. Our family has been producing fruit spreads at an industrial scale since 1902. In 2011, Meurens & Rodrigues revisited the family recipe of traditional Belgian “SIROP DE LIEGE®” fruit spread into “CREP’PARTY®”, a fruity table syrup, which offers a larger number of applications, bringing natural fruity notes to various foods. This new recipe won 3 stars at the ITQI Superior Taste Award contest in Brussels in 2012.

Excellent topping on pancake, hot cake, cheesecake, Belgian waffle or ice cream, our syrups are a flavourful alternative to honey and maple syrup. They combine also very well with cheese and bring fruitful notes when used as an ingredient in salad dressing or marinade.

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