OvaEasy Egg White Protein Powder – Chocolate Cake



Get the most out of your hard work in the gym with a delicious protein that delivers a perfect amino acid profile for muscular recovery and growth.

Egg White Crystals are the best-tasting protein because they’re processed at low temperatures. Other egg powders are dried at 350 – 390F. Our crystallization process dries at 120F in order to preserve the protein quality and clean taste of fresh egg whites. You have to taste it to believe it!

* lactose-free * gluten-free * dairy-free * all-natural *

* no artificial sweeteners * no hormones or anti-biotics *

Shelf life: 36 months unopened if stored in cool dry place. Shelf-life is measured from the date of production (not the day you order). Generally the product you receive should be at most no more than a few months old.

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