Chef Jean Pierre offers you the products of the best chocolatiers in the world. Their production is entirely fair-trade, the quality of certified products of high quality.

Authentic ingredients

Rediscover the flavor of the natural. All products used in the manufacture of chocolate in our producers are all certified, directly from local agriculture. They are worked in traditional ways and guarantee you the best chocolate!


Single-Estate Premium Chocolate from SPAGnVOLA

Discover or introduce your loved ones to a new chocolate experience thanks to the boxes of Pralines SPAGnVOLA. This company represents the best chocolate sourced from local farmers in the Dominican Republic. With its commitment, an exclusive and meticulous quality assurance process has been set up to make these exceptional chocolates. Farmers use only the best beans grown in the area of ​​Hato Mayor Del Rey, located in the east of the Dominican Republic. Here you will find the purest environmental conditions to create the richest organic soil on the slopes of the mountains, with abundant rainfall.

Farmers grow their cocoa beans in a traditional way, by hand harvesting the perfectly ripe beans. SPAGnVOLA assures you that only the best ingredients go to their completely artisanal factory. This factory is located in Gaithersburg, Marylant (USA). There, the cocoa beans are roasted, refined in small quantities and thus bring out the exquisite flavor of high-end chocolate.

Azuca – Artisan-Crafted, Premium Edibles

Offer yourself hand-crafted products, small-chocoates coins, made the highest quality USA-grown hemp. Make you creative in the kitchen!

Zuca’s TiME Technology was created by Ron Silver, the chef behind Bubby’s—NYC’s favorite brunch spots.

Ron made it his mission to create a better delivery system for cannabinoids, by replacing slow-acting hemp extracts, with a fast-acting and delicious alternative: Azuca.

Ron blended the best ingredients from scientific and culinary sources to come up with TiME Technology, a new process that transforms cannabinoid delivery. With three patents pending, TiME Technology helps your body to absorb faster hemp extract, in a better way for your healt.

From precise dosing to packaging tand great tasting experience, Azuca is committed to creating the ideal experience for everyone— fast-acting, precise and delicious.

Azuca is a member of the Good Food Mercantile Foundation.