Take a look at Chef JP’s Newest Addition – Pastry Breads by Baked By Susan!

You are in luck! We have a new line of bakery products here at Chef Jean Pierre.  We are now carrying homemade pastry bread by Baked by Susan.  They come in a great variety of flavors and you can choose from two different sizes.



  • Large- 1 pound
  • Mini- 12 ounce (NOT available online at the moment)

Want to know more about Baked by Susan?

Baked by Susan is a charming little bakery located in Westchester, New York. The owner Susan, had dreamed of owning her own bakery as a child and now she is living her dream. Everything she carries is made homemade, in-house, and made fresh daily. They carry a full line of baked goods such as cakes, pastry bread, cookies, cupcakes, pies, and even breakfast!

Not only will your products have that good old-fashioned homemade taste, but, they are also made in a natural old-fashioned way. They use mostly vintage bakery equipment! How awesome is that?

How will you receive your Bread from Baked by Susan?

Since most of us are not in walking distance to personally meet Susan and visit her shop, we will ship your Baked by Susan products overnight because she wants to make sure you will receive your bread fresh. It will taste like it is right out of the oven because, well, it practically is! Take a look at our selection of pastry bread here.

Baked by Susan has also won many awards for their amazing bakery and baked goods.

  • Best of Westchester 2018 Winner for “Best Bakery”
  • Best of Westchester 2017 Winner for “Best Bakery” and “Best Chocolate Chip Cookie”
  • Best of Westchester 2016 Winner for “Best Pies”
  • Best of Westchester 2015 Winner for “Best Bakery” & “Best Cupcake”
  • Best of Westchester 2014 Winner for “Apple Turnovers”
  • Best of Westchester 2013 Winner for “Best Cinnamon Rolls”

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