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Once upon a time there was a little curly-red-headed-freckle-faced girl named Susan, who dreamed of owning a bakery. Mud Pies were her specialty. All it took was some dirt, water, a handful of pebbles and a few dandelions mixed to perfection and scooped onto a tree stump to dry in the sun before they transformed into magical pies which she would then serve to her stuffed animal friends.

Soon Susan was baking her mother’s famous brownies, blueberry coffee cake and crazy chocolate cupcakes. Home-baked desserts were a part of every family gathering. Susan soaked up every bit of sweet knowledge from her Italian and Hungarian grandmothers as well as her own mother and fashioned it into her own baking style.

Today you can find Susan running her very own bakery in the quaint little village of Croton-on-Hudson, NY, within walking distance of her home. Some of the items Susan bakes are the original recipes from back in those days.

On any given day, amongst the smells emanating from within, you will find Susan baking in the company of her parents, her husband, and her three boys. And even though the dirt has been replaced with flour, water with milk, pebbles with chocolate chips and dandelions with sweet butter, the magic remains.

Baked by Susan is a partner and a vendor for Flourish Deli

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