Organic and ethics coffee

  • The coffee must be certified twice a year by an organic label.
  • We choose organic coffees only picked by hand.
  • Only perfectly ripe cherries are picked.
  • No chemicals, only water!

Traditional torrefaction method

  • Traditional and slow method (18 to 22 minutes).
  • The coffee is then air-cooled, by brewing.
  • Humidity close to 1% = perfect conservation over time.
    Perfectly roasted grains full of aromas!

Always a original and high of range coffee

  • Privileged links with producing countries.
  • Well-being of employees in our society.
  • Control and reduction of environmental impacts.

Malongo – Paris Gourmet Specialty Food Importer

Established since 1934 in France, Malongo is committed to reaching the highest quality of coffee by carefully tracking the beans from the plantation to the cup. Malongo’s Arabica coffee only grows at high altitudes using ancestral farming methods. The beans are hand-picked, naturally dried and slowly roasted over 20 minutes to bring out the true finesse of the aromas.

From farm to the production process, for long time Malongo good relationship with all peoble involved which is why they are able to obtain a consistent and high quality coffee for over 80 years.

Malongo is a pioneer of Fairtrade labeling since the 1990’s. Respecting the producers is at the heart of Malongo’s mission. Setting up healthy and tight relationships, enables Malongo to obtain a consistently high quality coffee.
Incentives, fair pay and social development are keywords that define Malongo.