Consumers are becoming more and more aware that what they put in their bodies impacts their health & well-being.

Studies show that healthy food categories are growing faster than indulgent categories, but there is still room for occasional treats in consumers’ diets.

At Flourish, we believe these two don’t have to be each other’s opposites. We want to offer the best ingredients for food professionals to accomplish the healthiest and most delicious version of their creations possible.


As a food professional, you know how to make your customers salivate. And at Flourish, you can find those key ingredients to make all of your baked goods with more peace of mind.

Flourish makes improving your product range  easier by offering the right ingredient alternatives to delight those customers looking for organic, non-GMO, preservative free, …. goodness.


Your bestselling celebration cake without artificial flavors & colors…

That freshly baked sourdough bread –now organic and high in fiber…

Your finest work of chocolate art – also praised by plant based foodies…

Flourish has  got you covered!


There is a tremendous opportunity for food manufacturers and retailers to lead a healthy movement by providing the products and services that consumers want and need.

By being in close contact with our vendor partners, Flourish voices these demands, resulting in manufacturers reformulating products to eliminate or reduce preservatives, GMO’s, artificial flavors and colors,  unnecessary fats, added sugar etc. We spend the time to find and source high-quality and added value ingredients, so you don’t have to!

By food manufacturers moving away from artificial ingredients Flourish aims to promote health and well-being in the industry.


Flourish. Your healthy baking destination.